Yesterday all my blogging friends were invited to check out the setting for the upcoming Mystic Realms Faire which opens on Oct 10th. While waiting for everyone to gather, I swung by Del May to check out the new poses…. and my wishes came true…. the coolest seated poses yet!! So while waiting for everyone to get ready for our field trip, I got cozy amongst the yellow flowers to show you this totally awesome jewelry set by Tia and bodysuit by Aphorism, both currently available at The Gathering. I’m a huge fan of both designers. The jewelry by Tia is gypsy awesome and the bodysuits come in a number of colors with a skirt that would not cooperate in my seated pose LOL. The Faire is one of the most anticipated fantasy events of the season and I can tell you right now, you will not be disappointed. The build is beautifully decorated and the shop keepers are busily setting up their wares. This my friends… is an event you wont want to miss!

BODYSUIT: Prospera Collection {Antique – Rare} by Aphorism ~ Available at The Gathering
EPAULETTE: Epaulets V2 {black} by GizzA ~ New Release
HAIR: Sour Hair {hud 1} by Olive ~ Available at the Candy Fair
EYESHADOW: Whips Eyeshadow {05} by Zibiska ~ Available at the Candy Fair
JEWELRY: Gypsy Moon {Necklace, Bracer, Headdress, Nose Chain, Rings, Bracelets, Upper Arm, Staff} by Tia ~ Available at The Gathering
ARM CUFF: Fenrir {gold} by Bliensen + MaiTai {From previous Tales of Fantasy}
EARS: Puck Elf Ears by Southpaw ~ Available at Seelie Court
SANDALS: Folium Sandal {brown} by The Forge ~ Available at Mystic Realms Faire {Opens Oct 10}
POSE: Pit Stop (hand variant) by Del May ~ New Release!