Toxic Innocence

Toxic Innocence
The latest collaboration between Elephante Poses and YumYum for Stalkerazzi yields these incredibly adorable bears wearing playfully designed gas masks. MJ created 10 poses to pair with the snugly bears that are sure to make you squeal in delight. The poses are entitled, “Love is War,” and the bears are aptly named, “War-Ready.” There is a little less than a week left to get to Stalkerazzi, where both can be found! Ducknipple’s new Charlie boots also take on the combat theme with enough buckles and pockets to make them anything but boring. The boots have a color change HUD offering 14 smashing colors (I love the blue!) in which to drench your feet. The HUD has two shades of black and I am wearing the lighter of the two.
With the devastating violence currently occurring in Syria I found it increasingly difficult to not incorporate these horrific events in the images. Try as I might to conceal political tones, each image I created seemed to reflect the pangs in my heart for the youngest victims in what has to be a most soul crushing time of their lives… at least to me. I couldn’t fathom handing a gas mask to my child to wear or placing one on my infant’s tiny face. The scene is too surreal for me to wrap my head around. When I was little I would spin in circles with my arms outstretched and call upon “almighty Isis…IsisIsisIsis” and today my childhood heroine’s name spills blood upon the desert sand…

Hug someone you love today……



  • DRESS: Ducknipple ~ Nickster Dress w/ Color Change HUD ~ NEW
  • BOOTS: Ducknipple ~ Charlie Boots w/ Color Change HUD ~ NEW
  • HAIR: Wasabi Pills ~ Melissas Hair {Golden} ~ NEW ~ GACHA ~ Available at Arcade Gacha
  • EYESHADOW: MONS ~ Eyeshadow PopStar {Pink} ~ NEW ~ Available at The Dressing Room
  • TATTOO: White Widow ~ Reign of Fire Blood&Ice ~ NEW
  • GOGGLES: Delirium Style ~ From Thelma Outfit ~ NEW
  • FACE MASK: Eclipse Design ~ From Nemesis Outfit
  • NAILS: Adore & Abhor ~ Basic Nailpolish Pack {Dark&Monochrome} ~ NEW
  • BRACELET: Maxi Gossamer ~ Night Rocker
  • BRACELET: Mandala ~ 7Luck
  • NECKLACE: LaGyo ~ Maya Necklace {Silver} ~ NEW
  • RING: Phoebe ~ Izar Mesh Ring – Exclusive for Room69 ~ NEW ~ Available at Room 69


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