I Dream of Makeup…..

I Dream of Makeup…..

My mother does not trust women without it. What are they not hiding? Renders the dead living and the living

My mother does not trust
women without it.
What are they not hiding?
Renders the dead living

and the living more alive.
Everything I say sets
the clouds off blubbering
like they knew the pretty dead.

True, no mascara, no evidence.
Blue sky, blank face. Blank face,
a faithful liar, false bottom.
Sorrow, a rabbit harbored in the head.

The skin, a silly one-act, concurs.
At the carnival, each child’s cheek becomes
a rainbow. God, grant me a brighter myself.
Each breath, a game called Live Forever.

I am small. Don’t ask me to reconcile
one shadow with another. I admit—
paint the dead pink, it does not make
them sunrise. Paint the living blue,

it does not make them sky, or sea,
a berry, clapboard house, or dead.
God, leave us our costumes,
don’t blow in our noses,

strip us to the underside of skin.
Even the earth claims color
once a year, dressed in red leaves
as the trees play Grieving.

OUTFIT: Blackpink Corset by Zenith ~ Available at Anthem
HAIR: Blip by Doe ~ Available at Anthem
HEAD: Baby Face Head by Genus Project
SKIN: Edyta Genus Applier {002} by Glam Affair ~ Available at Anthem
LIP COLOR: Crystal Clear Genus Lip Applier by Shiny Stuffs
EYE SHADOW: Genus Hell Yeah! Eye Shadow Applier by Shiny Stuffs
EARRINGS: Sua Earrings by random Matter ~ Available at Collabor 88 {Aug 8 to Sept 6}
CROWN: Arthuria Headband by ERSCH
NAILS: Mesh Stiletto Nails Fall19 by alme ~ Available at Belle {Sept 6 to Oct 3}
POSE: Vogue Up by Le Poppycock

Foxwood – Starlight {Candles, Shadow, Brushpack, Pots, Makeup Case, Lippy, Mirror and Fan} ~ Available at Uber {Aug 25 to Sept 22}
Foxwood – Starlight apartment
*HEXtraordinary* Nope Cat – Spooky Nope
Foxwood – Charmant – Mirror – Gold
Foxwood – Escape – Skull – Light
Foxwood – Boho lounge – Love Birds cage
Foxwood ~ The Artist ~ Desk, Flower Sketchbook, Apron
Foxwood – Hanging Plants – Small
Foxwood – Fleur – Curtain L – Gold
Nutmeg. Old Wooden Chair

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