HiraethI just read Joan Jett’s statement pertaining to the rape of Jackie Fox during their time together in the band Runaways by their manager. I am disheartened…. The statement lacks real compassion, and considering that multiple people have come forward stating the public rape did occur, with one witness relaying that Jett herself contacted him to ask for his silence, it is also a lie. I liked Joan Jett. I liked her a lot… about as much as I love Rock and Roll. I feel bewildered and a bit betrayed. How can a strong woman who epitomized feminism (whether she asked for that role or not) deny that what happened was wrong? I hate when my foundation is jolted… especially when it goes off kilter for believing in someone that never deserved my respect. Ugh.

Duchess is feeling: Hiraeth

This beautiful flower headdress is available at this round of Season’s Story by Bauhaus Moment and the extraordinary hair is from Exile. Two wonderful artists who have never let me down. <3


HAIR: Full of Grace by Exile
HEADDRESS: Sissy {Autumn} by Bauhaus Movement ~ Available at The Season’s Story {July 10 to July 30}
NECKLACE: Mother of Pearls Chestpiece by Enfant Terrible
DRESS: Mer Dress by Foxes ~ Available at this round of Collabor88 {July 8 to Aug 6}
MOUTH: SweetLips by PXL
EYELINER: Pearl Embellished Eyeliner {White} by Glam Affair
EYE LASHES: Eyelash J Curl Fluffy V10 ~ }Vegas Show Girl} by Angel Rock
POSE: Xin-X {10} by Bauhaus Movement