We happened upon Lehman Shinn’s show last night at Club Falling Waters by a sheer stroke of luck using SL’s Live Music Search Feature.  The short SL teaser described this Coastal North Carolinian’s creative spirit as encompassing “songs of love, emotion and human expression” coupled with a “desire to share a soothing musical spirit.” What the teaser failed to relay was the intense passion this talented singer/songwriter projects in his stage presence and silky vocals.

Lehman seduced the intimate crowd with those familiar love songs that make your make your heart melt. He included covers by artists such as Bill Withers, Sheryl Crow, Modern English, and Nat King Cole. His rendition of Colbie Calillat’s Bubbly (a song I hope everyone in their lifetime has a chance to relate to) was the best I have heard by a male vocalist on SL.

Duchess Jade Lotus

***This look was totally inspired by the genius efforts of Tania Telbaldi of Estilo Second Life***


No show is complete without some fun Crowd Surfing. Last night I met resident xanthe Aries. I thought she looked incredible and bravely approached her and asked if I could include her in my first post. When xanthe greeted my news of TRUTH’s retirement sale (25L for TRUTH hair!) with pure excitement, I knew instantly why I was drawn to her!

Check out Lehman Shinn for a romantic evening of close dancing or even to sooth a broken heart. For a quick listen to his dreamy voice TP to his Listing Booth.  Lehman’s show dates are conveniently listed on his calendar as well.



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