Fourth of July

Fourth of July
We couldn’t let tonight pass without wishing those celebrating the 4th a happy Independence Day, nor could I leave without sharing this super smexy Fourth of the July group gift from DeviousMinds! I doubt I am the only one that gets excited when Chandra drops a gift on her fans! Chandra’s gift included a note with a line I want to share….. “this is symbolic for all countries not just the US, simply cause it means the world to live in a country without suppression, be able to walk freely and live life without ties [unless those are wanted by oneself ;)]

We hope you had a spectacular Fourth and surrounded yourself with loved one and friends!



  • OUTFIT: DeviousMind ~ July 4th ~ NEW ~ Group Gift
  • NECK TATTOO: KoKoLoReS ~ 3 Little Star Tat ~ NEW ~ Available at this month’s Flux – Americana Event
  • HAIR: D!va ~ Naomi {Cat’s Eye} ~ Group Gift
  • MAKEUP: White Widow ~ Face Tattoo {Planete Blue} ~ NEW ~ Available at the Zodiac Event
  • LIPSTICK: League ~ Isla Lipstick {Candy Red}
  • NAIL POLISH: Orc Inc ~ Fingernails USA {For Slink Hands} ~ NEW ~ Available at this month’s Flux – Americana Event
  • NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer ~ Forget Me Not Flower Heart
  • BRACELET: Mandala ~ Omochi {Everest/Silver}
  • BRACELET: Zaara ~ Patra Silver Wire Bracelets {Clear}
  • RING: Phoebe ~ Ladara Mesh Ring {14 Gems/Silver} ~ NEW ~ Available at Designer Circle – 57
  • EYELASHES: Izzie’s ~ Eyelashes v1.08 ~ NEW ~ Available at Numberology Event



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