This image was inspired by this gorgeous gown from Blacklace Lounge (a collaborative effort between Blacklace and The Lounge) and the winter landscaping items from Cube Republic. Firstly the gown. The gowns come in three different textures (satin/lace/sequence) and the backs of the gowns have a beautiful tie above a deep dip. I love the attention that is given to the backs of designs from Blacklace/Lounge. The backs are always as gorgeous as the front! Secondly, the oak tree. Cube Republic has an impressive selection of mesh landscaping items and many of these items come equipped with a season change hud. Most seasonal trees turn completely bare giving a very stark and bleak winter feeling whereas Cube Republic’s items retain leaves, much like real life trees, giving a more romantic and softer feeling to the landscaping. Cube Republic’s textures are beautiful and his attention to detail is going to elevate his brand. To soften your winter-scape check out this very dominant statement piece, the Auchmore Oak Tree. Swing by rezz-friendly Ippos to check it out, just remember to take your props and pose balls with you before you leave.

GOWN: Grace deVine {Monochrome Lace} by Blacklace Lounge
HAIR: Dream of Paradise {Naturals} by Exile
EARS: Steking Ears Season 5 by Mandala ~ Available at The Men’s Dept {Dec 5 to Dec 31}
CROWN: Ice Berries {rare} by LODE ~ Available at The Arcade {Dec 1 to Dec 31}
CROWN (in hand): Ice Berries {stars} by LODE ~ Available at The Arcade {Dec 1 to Dec 31}
BRACELET: Pearl Rain Bracelet {cream} by Mandala
OAK TREE: Auchmore Oak Tree {v2F} with Season Change Hud by Cube Republic
POSE: Dominoes #4 by Elephante Poses

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