They dip their wings in the sunset,
They dash against the air
As if to break themselves upon its stillness:
In every movement, too swift to count,
Is a revelry of indecision,
A furtive delight in trees they do not desire
And in grasses that shall not know their weight.

They hover and lean toward the meadow
With little edged cries;
And then,
As if frightened at the earth’s nearness,
They seek the high austerity of evening sky
And swirl into its depth.
~ speyer ~

Total adorableness coming to us straight from FaMESHed! First off this hair is truly stunning. I love the way the hair hangs and the peaceful wisps that delicately graze the face. The hair is held together in a beautiful bun in the back making the hair poofy (which i adore!) and as always, MINA has the most beautiful shades of blonds on the block! Just ravishing! The swimsuit by Dead Dollz is equally as wonderful. I do believe my favorite part are the straps on the back and the beautiful bow on the bikini skirt. There are a number of color choices and the skirt comes in white or black. PXL has made appliers for CATWA heads and I am wearing Heidi, it will be available at the upcoming We Love Roleplay! I am totally smitten with PXL….. they always make me look so damn cute!

Duchess is feeling: Lissome

OUTFIT: Vera Bikini and Skirt by Dead Dollz ~ Available at FaMESHed {June 1 to June 30}
HAIR: Mena by MINA ~ Available at FaMESHed {June 1 to June 30}
SKIN: Heidi {PA/Catwa} by PXL ~ Available at upcoming We Love Roleplay {June 4 to June 30}
HEAD: Alice by CATWA
POSE: Modern Style 4 by PosESioN

{anc} forget. wing leaf and Swallows ~ Available at the Arcade {June 1 to July1}

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