Forest Romp 2

Forest Romp 2

Gopu and I spent quite a bit of time at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival this weekend. People we haven’t seen in ages came out of their caves to check out the event! *waves to Sapphire and Lu* I’ve noticed that as time goes by we all seem to hide on our sims or platforms and don’t explore and meet people as much as we used to… (new resolution… get out more often!) I did end up at Owl’s commune for breakfast so I guess I am not too much of a recluse. *grins*
Forest Romp

I am loving these new boots by The Plastik! The image is a bit dark and the boots are extremely black, so I will have to shoot in a lighter situation for you to see the detail. The fat pack is super cheap too and comes with 4 different designs. They are swank baby!! *wicked grins* I have also been asked by Rebelstar to blog their tattoos. Rebelstar is only on MP so seeing the tattoos out and about will help you see some great MP ink!





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