The incredible fantasy items that have been hitting the grid in their meshiest goodness have been fueled by a number of amazing events. These events have pushed designers to learn new programs and perfect their pixel art yielding creative items that not only are more realistic looking, but are incredibly photogenic! One of these events that has encouraged this outstanding transformation of style and talent is We Love Roleplay. I am just in awe!!! I love the new direction that mesh has brought us, I just can’t get enough!
Gnome Well
Speaking of fantasy designs, Atelier Visconti has continued to produce beautiful fantastical outdoor decor designs. I have a number of these on my sim and this latest well, chocked full of gnomes and buckets of colorful roses, has captured my heart. Imaginative and inspiring! Be sure to check out Atelier Visconti’s booth at the Designers Warehouse!


TUNIC: Mirdain Elvensmith Tunic {azure} by Senzafine ~ Available at We Love Roleplay
LEGGINGS: Mirdain Elvensmith Leggins {ashen} by Senzafine ~ Available at We Love Roleplay
BOOTS: Gonna Take An Arrow to my Boots {creamed} by geek ~ Available at We Love Roleplay
PAULDRONS: Scale Pauldron {titanium} by ieQED ~ Available at We Love Roleplay
LIP COLOR: Natural for Loud Mouth by yumyums ~ Available at Skin Fair 2014
CIRCLET: L’Thia’s Coins by Keystone ~ Available at We Love Roleplay
EARS: Fairy Ears by Illusions
HAIR: Gloster Hair {equinox} by Tableau Vivant ~ Available at My Attic
HAIR BOW: Lotties Eyecatcher {grey} by enfant terrible
BOW: Petiole Bow by Primus ~ Available at Countdown
QUIVERS: Elven quiver {white} RARE and Furry Quiver {white} by Pucca Firecaster (Gacha)
POSE: Huntress by !bang ~ Available at We Love Roleplay
PROPS: Brise’ Set {includes well, roses and gnomes} by Atelier Visconti ~ Available at Designer Warehouse

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