Flawed PerfectionPerfection. Or, as close to perfection
As a human can get.
They say that love is not
Finding the perfect person,
Rather learning to see an imperfect person

I think they’re right. You are, to me,
As perfect as a snowflake,
Or as the stars that dance against the blue-black sky.
You are timeless yet aging;
Perfectly flawed.

~ Blind-Sight ~

CORSET: Halter Laceup Corset Vintage {Black} by DE Designs
SKIRT: Nyx Skirt {Army} by League
HAIR: Gaia by Truth
HEADBAND: imeow Headband {Mod/Rare} by imeow ~ Available at OneWord
CLOGS: Ragnarok Clogs by Eudora ~ Available at Uber September Round
LEG TATTOO: Sexy Gun Star by deVOL {No longer open}
ARM TATTOO: Gothic Armband by CoLLisions
BACK TATTOO: Flawed Perfection by CoLLisions
FLOWERS: Melancholy Bouquet of Flowers by Azoury ~ Available at Upcoming Secret Affair
POSE: Breaststroke by Del May