Only for a day
she will not think
about you

and fish will lose
their way in the water

the burning sun will hang
helpless in its orbit

the umbilical cord of time
will wind round its own neck

Only for a day
she, forgetful,
will place her lamp
between the sun and moon

and the seven sages
of the heavens will be anxious

letters will shatter
after breaking away from scripts

souls will forget their faces
and there will be no mirrors

Only for a day
you will vanish
in an ethereal mist,
a moment

and darkness will spread
to the ends of the universe
lava will gather
inside the earth

and cockles burn
in their shells
for miles

Only for a day’s
this body will turn blue

with its own bite

Gagan Gill

OUTFIT: Flavia Silks by Luas ~ Available at Labyrinth {Oct 8 to Oct 31}
HAIR: Kimberly by RunAway ~ Available at Hairology {October 10 to October 30}
HEAD ACCESSORY: Marina Headpiece by Eudor3D ~ Available at We Love Roleplay {October 5 to November 30}
BODY CHAIN: Emblazon by Empyrean Forge ~ Available at FaMESHed {October 1 to October 30}
HEAD: Precious by fiore
SKIN: Agnes {toffee} by the Skinnery ~ Available at Collabor88 {October 8 to October 31}
TATTOO: Deepwater {henna} by [White~Widow] ~ Available at The Season Story {October 10 to October 31}