My RL mare is the shying champion in these parts. Leaves, mailboxes, sticks… hell even a rolling stone can make her totally come unglued. After adding the Arabian Water Horse Modifications today to Jinxie, she took on the same sass my mare possesses. We were happy little campers on today’s trail ride through Ippos when out of the blue Jinxie suddenly lost it! Fox Hunting will never been in her future…..

Jinx finally released her Arabian Modifications for the Water Horse and the secret of this amazing customization has been extremely painful to keep. People were camped out in front of the store awaiting the release and for good reason. The Arabian head is just gorgeous with the perfect dish and flared nostrils. The whole shape is stunning. My real life horse is 3/4 Arab and the new mod makes my mount look almost like her (she is a bit…. um… chunky.) The Painted Pony made beautiful textures for the horses as well and here we are wearing the Albino set. Also these new Marble Foxes are only 50L this weekend over at JIAN’s mainstore. Go get them to keep riders on your trails alert!

TOP: Equestrian Princess Top {White} by Dirty Princess
BOOTS/BREECHES: Equestrian Princess Breeches and Boots by Dirty Princess
HAIR: Millie by Wasabi ~ Available at The Seasons Story {Jan 10 to Jan 30}
SKIN: Laura by the Skinnery ~ Available at Collabor88 {Jan 8 to Feb 6th}
LIPS/CHEEKS: Catpan Lips and Blusher {heart} by MOMOCHUU ~ Available at The Seasons Story {Jan 10 to Jan 30}
HEAD: Kimberly by CATWA

HORSE: Water Horse {Warmblood}
ARABIAN ADD ON: Arabian Add-on Mod for Water Horse by JINX ~ NEW at JINX’s WaterHorse Store
COAT: Arabian Pseudo Albino by The Painted Pony ~ NEW at MainStore
EYES: Arabian Pseudo Albino Eyes by The Painted Pony ~ NEW at MainStore
TACK: Arabian Nights Bridle {Arab} by JINX ~ NEW at JINX’s WaterHorse Store

Marble Fox Sitting by JIAN – FLF – Available this weekend for 50L {3 coat options, wanderer, companion and statics}
Stormwood: The Broken Tree Animated Scene

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