Faeries walkEmy took me to an amazingly beautiful sim today to explore. The sim is called Annwn Willows and is one of the most picturesque and scenic sims, with more water than land, that I have seen in quite some time.  The magical place is also rezz friendly for those that like to set pose balls or other items. The fields of yellow flowers and the boardwalks and and islands…. are just perfect! Over by the concession stand is a little outdoor movie theater! Can’t believe I had never ventured to this little slice of paradise!faeries walk2

Our awesome jugs are covered in some of the coolest applier based boobie shirts eva! The Hello Titty Gacha Event and the Brits Tits Hunt are both in full swing! I adore the sweater I am wearing since I am a huge fan of Dr. Who…. and  I like the Doctor about as much as my Lolas! The band across the center has little tardis, daliks, and snowflakes making it the Whoviest Free Christmas sweater on the planet! Deck the tits up this year! Emy is wearing one of the shirts she scored out of the Gacha machine at Hello Titty…. perfect for Movember! And finally this pose from Elephante poses is just as cute as can be…. pick up the pose, grab a friend and take a memorable image!





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