EvraEnchantment and Totally Top Shelf end this weekend! If you have not check out these two themed events, time is off the essence. Totally Top Shelf is all about the elements and Enchantment brings Bluebeard to life.  Be sure to get your Enchantment stamp cards validated and turn them in at the end for some super awesome free prizes! (Check out the instructions on the Enchantment website if you are unsure how to play.) This last round introduced me to a fairytale I had never heard before and since I’ve watched the movie and read both versions. Hauntingly cool. A big thanks goes out to all the designers who were inspired by Bluebeard and the elements and let their imaginations roam. I cannot wait for the next rounds!!!!

NECKLACE: Evra Pendant {Event Exclusive} by .Shi ~ Available during Enchantment at Shi
SKIN: india BLUEBEARD w/ blood tattoo {Event Exclusive} by la petite morte ~ Available during Enchantment at la petite morte
EYESHADOW: Bast 1 by The Wicked Peach ~ Available at upcoming Oneword {Opens Sept. 1 at Noon}
LIPCOLOR: Reddened Llip {light} by Nox ~ Free ~ Available during Enchantment at Prize Location
CIRCLET: Sonnat {silver/Onyx} by Keystone ~ Available at Totally Top Shelf
HAIR: Pop Scotch {dark brown} by Analog Dog {Gift from Hair Fair 2014}
SHORTS: Facilier Possession Shorts {Brown} by Haste ~ Available at The Fantasy Collective
NIPPLE COVERS: Nipple Piercings {Black/Rare} by Luas
EYES: Bright {Ash Eye} by Song ~ Available at Totally Top Shelf
WEAPON: Elementaire Dagger by Munereia ~ Available at Totally Top Shelf
POSE: Cutie by Del May
FURNISHINGS: Jarl’s Bed and Tree of Knowledge Fireplace by Tia
CANDLE: Chateau de Barbe-Bleue by tea.s ~ Available during Enchantment at tea.s

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