Escaping Deadmore

Escaping Deadmore

Construction has been going for quite some time on the old house in town with no word on what or

Construction has been going for quite some time on the old house in town with no word on what or who is moving in. Curiosity gets the best of you and you boldly approach the old building just as a twisted old man hangs a sign out front, Deadmore Mortuary. “Don’t be shy..” he says with no expression, “…you are not the first one dieing to come inside…”

The room is out of focus and your head is too heavy to lift off the cold steel table. As you struggle to move a sinking feeling fills your throat, you are somehow bound and unable to reach out. The last thing you remember was entering the make-shift embalming room in the remnants of the old garage. A figure moves in the darkness accompanied by the groaning sound of the heavy door rising, adding an insignificant amount of light to room. As you shift your weight the table begins to wobble, thrusting forward with all your strength you shoot out of the garage like a soap box out of the starting gate. The distinct clacking of the gurney wheel’s as they make impact with the grimy cobblestone street echo loudly like the shopping carts at the local Save-Mor. You let out a wild scream as you shoot down the steep street whisking past the street lights that briefly glow before darkness envelopes you……….. like a nightclub of horror….

(First paragraph is the description of the DRD build by Morbid Deceit, second paragraph continues the build’s story….. )

JACKET: Kinky Straightjacket by UNA ~ Available at Kinky {Oct 28 to Nov 24}
HAIR: Spooked! Hair by Tableau Vivant.
HEAD: Baby Face by Genus
HAIRBASE: Genus Hairbase #5 by Tableau Vivant
SKIN: Mary #4 {002} by Glam Affair ~ Available at the Epiphany {October 15}
EYES: Haunted Eyes {blue} by Anatomy
LEGGINGS: Alena Leggings by Blueberry

DRD – Deadmore Mortuary ~ Available at Uber {Oct 25 to Nov 22}
DRD – Grimy Cobblestone Streets ~ Available at DRD

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