Entangled in Your Soul

Entangled in Your Soul

While visiting the Kingdom of Sand I found myself taking on the role of Leyla in the beautiful Legend of Leyli and Majnun. There is a part in the prose where Majnum (think Arabian version of Romeo) speaks of his undying love of Leyla and how she was… his world. I have often imagined this look that she gave… the look which penetrated his very being and entangled her with his soul. So here is my version of Leyla courtesy of the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival and May’s Soul.

Every breeze that blows
brings your scent to me;
Every bird that sings
calls out your name to me;
Every dream that appears
brings your face to me;
Every glance at your face
has left its trace with me.


HEADDRESS: Arabian Headdress {Ultra Rare} by May’s Soul ~ Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival {Opens May 4}
NECKLACE: Arabian Rose Necklace by May’s Soul ~ Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival {Opens May 4}
HAIR: Medusa by Spellbound {blonds} ~ NEW ~
LIPS: Bisquit Lips {03} by KOOQLA
TOP: Jewelry Top {Gold} ~ Rare ~ by A*S
EARS: Fantasy Elf Ears by Mandala
EYES: Deep Sky Mesh Eyes {London Fog} ~ Free ~ by Mayfly
POSE: Glance by Del May

LOCATION: Kingdom of Sand {Rezz Friendly}

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