Chandra of deviousMind and Vae of The Plastik, two of my most favorite creative fantasy designers at the Mystic Realms Faire, have teamed up to bring this beautiful mythological creature to life, the Kirin (also Ki’lin or Qirin.) Vae’s Kyrra skin covers the avatar in beautiful muted colors and a personality that is sensuous and mysterious. The subtle hand drawn pelt, coupled with gorgeous feminine shading results in a fantasy skin that is both striking and intriguing. The outfit, Madame Kirin, artfully combines all the elements of the fantastical deity while leaving enough skin showing (not too much of a shocker.. dM!) to complement the detailed pelt. The tail, hooved boots and the horns are the show stoppers of this outfit. Kynne and I both agree, the hooves are ultra fabulous! Those elements combined with the devious top make for one hell of a beautiful Kirin. Depicting a Kirin that not only the emblem of perfect good, but totally smexy!

One Buddhist scholar relays that “the Ki’lin often attains the age of a thousand years, and it is the noblest form of animal creation, the emblem of perfect good.”

Check out Kynne’s image, L’apres Midi d’un Faune, on her Flickr stream. She is so fabulous!!!

These nymphs that I would perpetuate:
so clear
And light, their carnation, that it floats in the air
Heavy with leafy slumbers.
Did I love a dream?
My doubt, night’s ancient hoard, pursues its theme
In branching labyrinths, which being still
The veritable woods themselves, alas, reveal
My triumph as the ideal fault of roses.
if the women of your glosses
Are phantoms of your fabulous desires!
Faun, the illusion flees from the cold, blue eyes
Of the chaster nymph like a fountain gushing tears:
But the other, all in sighs, you say, compares
To a hot wind through the fleece that blows at noon?
No! through the motionless and weary swoon
Of stifling heat that suffocates the morning,
Save from my flute, no waters murmuring
In harmony flow out into the groves;
And the only wind on the horizon no ripple moves,
Exhaled from my twin pipes and swift to drain
The melody in arid drifts of rain,
Is the visible, serene and fictive air
Of inspiration rising as if in prayer.
(English translation (and rewriting,) of L’apres Midi d’un Faune by Henry Weinfeld)



OUTFIT: Madame Kirin {candy} by deviousMind ~ Available at Mystic Realm {Oct. 10th – 26th}
HAIR: Aida Hair {basics} by Tableau Vivant
SKIN: Astrali Skin Kyrra{Rasha} by The Plastik ~ Available at Mystic Realm {Oct. 10th – 26th}
NOSE CHAIN: Ayanna Nosering gold {onyx} by Zaara ~ Available at Mystic Realm {Oct. 10th – 26th}
EYELASHES: Ballroom Lashes by no. 7 ~ Available at The Instruments {Oct 3 – 25th}
EYES: London {Undead Eye} by Song ~ Available at Totally Top Shelf {Oct 6 – 27th}

SKIN : Astrali Skin Kyrra {Myrre} by The Plastik ~ Available at Mystic Realm {Oct. 10th – 26th}
OUTIFT: Madame Kirin {lilac} by deviousMind~ Available at Mystic Realm {Oct. 10th – 26th}  The outfit comes with horns, hairfeathers, corset, feather tail and boots. There are lots of colors to choose from and similar colors can be find in the skin line of The Plastik.
HAIR : Tableau Vivant ~ Available at Mystic Realm {Oct. 10th – 26th}
DECOR: Lace curtains by Anc.