energy in fluxI absolutely adore this new dress from deviousMind that is available at We Love Roleplay this round. The brilliant material has a sheen that is unbelievably metallic like and actually glistens with the new material setting. The whole ensemble embraces the steampunk style with an artful hand and combines the elements of the genre, while utilizing the newer materials on SL, which really sets this outfit apart from the old style prim wear. It is a must have for your Steampunk folder; you will be a ravishing Duchess at any steampunk event!  I have never had an item named after me in SL, not that I can think of anyway, and for this dress to bear my name…. I am just honored. Totally. *deviously squeals*  Oh, and these amazing Nail Guards by Dita are available in a gacha machine at the Typhoon Haiyan Fundraiser – 100% of the proceeds go to the victims of the devastating typhoon. They are dreamy and you will need one of each, so get to cranking!
energy in flux1Awaiting Duchess is nothing new for Admiral Gopu Aulder. It seems she has no concept of time which is ironic being that she is responsible for the latest developments that has brought time travel to the masses. Gopu smiles and shakes his head at the thought. He’d wait all night if he had to, she was just worth it.  Besides he couldn’t wait to show her the Steamflies and the magic of flight.
energy in flux2“You are an hour late,” Gopu declares when Duchess materializes at Piermont Landing forcing a stern agitated demeanor to cover his excitement of her arrival. Duchess tickles the Admirals lips and teasingly smiles, “but it was worth it, right?”
energy in flux3Gopu was impressed how quickly Duchess picked up the art of catching of Steamflies. The procedure is much like a combination of Tai Chi, wizardry and ballroom dancing. Steamflies posses the ingredient of magical flight and the difficulty of catching one is promptly rewarded with the powers to defy gravity.
energy in flux4And so the journey begins…..