This is one of my favorite steampunk dresses to date! It is stunningly beautiful and the textures are divine! I love the laces down the front of the skirt along both legs. I can see wearing this skirt again and again. The fabric shimmers where it is suppose to and hangs steamily! The dress it at The Clockwork Spiral which is going to start winding down. If you have not been there, there is no time like the present! I took this image at rezz-friendly Port Babbage, the sims have been around for ages but are constantly updated. We love exploring here, so if you have not been in some time go check it out. My edited version of this picture went way too contrasty and after showing it to my neighbor and dear friend Kynne she worked her magic on it. Almost all of the editing to the image was done by her, she is my shining star. <3 you K!

OUTFIT: Emmaline Ruffled Top & Victorian Skirt by Roawenwood ~ Available at A Clockwork Spiral
BOOTS: Majesty Boots {Black} by Roawenwood ~ Available at A Clockwork Spiral
RING: Melancholy Mood Ring by Birdy (Foxes) ~ Available at the Secret Affair
PIN: Clockwork Heart – Under Repairs by Spyralle ~ Available at A Clockwork Spiral
HAIR: Mikazuki by Tableau Vivant ~ Available at Creation JP
EYE CAMERA: Photographers Eye by Remarkable Oblivion
PET: Noctis {Calico Spotted (on goose)} by Oopsie ~ Grand Opening ~
PET: Noctis {Panda Mask} by Oopsie ~ Grand Opening
POSE: Glow 3 by Ma Vie