Elisea was not unaccustomed to cattiness, after all her most formidable years were spent at the side of the most sought after elf in the territory. While the women gossiped and spread rumors hoping to dethrone the one woman they were most envious, Elisea was busy calculating her next move. Not unlike the pieces of a chess board, the woman were used as pawns and unsuspectingly were forced to surrender their queen. Their cattiness was nothing more than background noise as Elisea collected her forces. Rising to the top was easy, staying there was the only option. Elisa removed a quiver from her belt and eased it onto the bow, she smirked. This will be easier than she thought. Check Mate.

This beautiful gown by Sweet Lies is available at the Fantasy Collective which opened its doors yesterday. The headdress and bow are exquisite in design. The regal headpiece wraps the head and gold strings melt forming beautiful symmetry. Aisling’s new chest pieces from the Secret Affair are stunning. The metal shields the chest in feminine power, a glorious design. This elf approves!

Duchess is feeling: empowered

GOWN: Elisea Fitmesh Dress {7 rare} by Sweet Lies ~ Available at The Fantasy Collective {Nov 22 to Dec 15}
CROWN: Queen’s Jewel by Nobel Creations ~ Available at The Fantasy Collective {Nov 22 to Dec 15}
QUIVERS: Hunter’s Quiver by Nobel Creations ~ Available at The Fantasy Collective {Nov 22 to Dec 15}
NECKLACE: Yliodi by aisling ~ Available at The Secret Affair {Nov 15 to Nov 30}
HAIR: Mood Hair {Color Fades} by Tableau Vivant ~ Available at Collabor88 {Nov 8 to Dec 6}
SKIN: Face Reiko SK {Nordic/Catwa Applier} by DeeTaleZ ~ Available at Tres Chic
EYELASHES: Charmed Lashes Palette {Catwa Applier} by The Skinnery ~ Available at Tres Chic
POSE: The Lovely Series by an lar ~ Available at Shiny Shabby {Nov 20 to Dec10}

STATUES: Visage – Stone II Trio with color hud by PaperMoon ~ Available at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival {Nov 6 to Dec 6}
TREES: Neverland by The Little Branch ~ Available at Enchantment {Nov 14 to Dec 5}
LAMP: Standing Fairy Lamp (stretched big) by DRD ~ Available at Enchantment {Nov 14 to Dec 5}

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