We took our beautiful daughter  MorgueAnna out to the carnival this evening sporting our finest Rockabilly fashions from possibly the coolest retro event of the  year, The Rockabilly Fashion Fair. My friend Ash keeps telling me that I am not allowed to love leopard prints so I am sure the eyes are rolling…. but I can’t help it…. I am going to have to blame it on my inner kitty.  *Purr*  Even Gopu let his inner kitty shine through tonight (Take that Miss Ash!! lol) I tried to find the link where I got my rocking little voodoo doll from, but try as I might, it is just not surfacing. It was free and in a room full of boxes of elixirs and hexes and what not….. I got it for a very special reason and it so far has been working marvelously….. so if you happen to see a wooden box marked voodoo within your reach, go ahead … open it up… live dangerously!




  • POSE: tea.s ~ Take A Walk ~ NEW


My mother used to sing this song to my little brother and I and we would beg her to sing it over and over…. we never figured out what the *Boom *Boom *Boom was and I was always perplexed why he would give something to his wife that made him run for his life!  lol


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