Duchess is the Main Dish
This set is too much fun! I mean how often are you asked to be the main dish! Not often enough I would guess! This entire set includes the pagoda, table, tablewear, sushi, the dress Kynne is wearing…. It is just jammed packed with all the goodness that sushi requires! This next round of the Arcade is going to be amazing. So far everything has been top notch and really creative. The Arcade opens on June 1st.

This entire set is the Nyotaimori Body Sushi Set by Astralia which will be available at the upcoming Arcade. I (laying on table) am also wearing the Lullabies Hair {rare} by Olive which will also be available at the arcade. Kynne is wearing hair from Shi which is currently available at Uber. The Jewelry I am wearing is from an old set by Losthaven called Tokiwa’s Treasures. The tree in the background is from Hayabusa, it is one of the blowing trees that he sent out for free. His trees are very creative and once you buy a tree, more just keep on coming.


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