Duchess & Her Dragon
Standing on the high ground of Dornish Marches (a Game of Thrones Combat Sim on Maui West/Rezzing Allowed!) reminiscing the loss of her true love, Duchess is shattered and betrayed. Her fate with the fiery circle and subsequent burning of the whorish witch has revealed a soft spot in her aching heart. Although the past cannot be salvaged the emergence from the flames has found her in the most unprecedented of positions with a burning desire to love….and to be loved. Empowered, Duchess makes the call… the ball is after all.. in her court as it has always been.
Duchess & Her Dragon2The circle is now complete. Duchess reaches out to Gopu and gently runs her fingers across his thick skin. It is complete.

Although The Augurer was inspired by Margaery Tyrell (Game of Thrones) during the course of designing this beautiful dress for The Fantasy Collective, I chose to emulate Dany. I love the nurturing relationship she has with her dragons and her over all blond bad assery! Almost a year ago, Christmas Eve and well into Christmas Day to be exact, I spent the entire time strapped to the back of Gopu’s dragon as we explored and played our fantasy games. From that day forward a light rekindled as well as my fascination with dragons. Gopu’s dragon avatar comes in two sizes; the one he is wearing in the image is the small dragon (believe it or not lol) The set also includes an enormous dragon with a saddle for passengers. The hud makes the avatar come alive with enough options to keep the fire burning well into the next day!




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