Dreamy Spring

Dreamy Spring

  A Tiger Cub came to my door, when you and I first met With a playful bounce, and a


A Tiger Cub came to my door, when you and I first met
With a playful bounce, and a tiny roar, it cleared the parapet
It followed me ’till nightime came, and crept under my sheet
I dreamt of you and Tiger Cub until the morning heat

You cannot hear my Tiger Cub, or see and feel it’s fur
But it sees you, and when you talk, it shivers with a purr
You say my name, or brush my hand, it cuddles at my fingers
And even when you leave the room, the Cub’s sweet touch still lingers

Now when my Tiger comes to me, I see it’s growing teeth
And when it bats me with its paws, I feel the claws beneath
My Cub still wants to play with me, but I foresee the pain
So I went to the garden shed, and I got out the chain

I wrapped my little Tiger Cub in yards of clinking metal
With teary eyes I took my Cub and locked him in a kennel
For I know when Cubs turn in to Beasts, they flash their dazzling stripes
You stand in awe—you’re paralyzed. And then, the Tiger bites.
~ by curleyjpd

OUTFIT: Afton High Waist Shorts and Sleeveles top by Giz Seorn ~ Available at FaMESHed {May 1 to May 27}
HAIR: Serene by MINA ~ Available at Salon52
SKIN: Melinda CATWA Applier [006] by Glam Affair ~ Available at Belle {May 6 to June 3}
LIP COLOR: CATWA Lipstick 10 by Glam Affair
EYE MAKEUP: CATWA EyeShadow 13 by Glam Affair
HEAD: Kimberly by CATWA
POSE: Live Free: Ready to Ride by Le Poppycock

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dust bunny . sweet dreams . wingback bed ~ Available at Uber {Apr 25 to May 23}
dust bunny . sweet dreams . wall art ~ Available at Uber {Apr 25 to May 23}
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