Devious Mermaid

Devious Mermaid
Oh sweet heavenly Gacha you had me at the word Fantasy! Hook…line… and sinker! I am a Gacha fiend! The thrill of trying to “win” the rare, as crazy as it sounds, is so exciting I can hardly contain myself…. much to the designers’ delights I am sure! *smirk*  The awesomeness of gacha was just combined with two of my other favorite words… look out I am gonna squeal! The Fantasy Gacha Carnival has kicked off at the Port city of Praven and every item at the event is sure to taunt you into trying your luck….. the next one will be the one you want… I promise! LOL  Chandra has created the sexiest of mermaids for her little corner of the carnival and like all Devious Mind products they are breathtaking! The attachments to some of the mermaid outfits have streams that float effortlessly and capture the Wind Light creating  the most graceful and artistically rendered mermaid outfits on the grid! They look great on male avatars as well! Get them while they are hot… there are four rares to tease you … but don’t fret, the whole collection is deviously stunning!
Devious Mermaids

Be sure to wear your coolest carnival or clown threads as there will be surprise prizes handed out to those who are dressed to the nines… The carnival runs to August 21st. Be there … or be square.





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