Dead Inside

Dead Inside

I am still awaiting delivery of my new computer and as each new deadline approaches I become more and more

I am still awaiting delivery of my new computer and as each new deadline approaches I become more and more panic stricken. Luckily I have amazing friends who are quite talented! In the words of Paul McCartney, I get by with a little help from my friends! Giant thank you to Kitty for helping set out the decor items that I could barely move, to Kynne for merging my stack of images that were filled with areas of textures that wouldn’t rez, to Sugarfairy for passing overlays and textures on Skype so I could upload them to a tiny tablet and to Sorchiee who took my final tablet edit and enhanced it with cool lights. And to all of them a giant thank you for enduring the hours of complaining and poor-me comments I’ve been making over the last couple weeks. I love you guys!! I promise… it is almost over. LOL

OUTFIT: Killer Nurse {Dress/Rare, Test Subject/Rare, and #16 Needle Strap} by Mug ~ Available at the Epiphany
ACCESSORIES: Nasu{Bloody Eye patch, Bloody Hat/Rare, Bloody Panties/Rare and Bloody Stethoscope/Rare} by Momoko ~ Available at the Epiphany
HAIR: Eerie Daughter by Tableau Vivant ~ Available at the Epiphany
SKIN: Mary Applier 10/007 by Glam Affair ~ Available at the Epiphany
HEAD: Baby Face Head by Genus Project
EYES: The Crow {Faded} light blue by Song ~ Available at the Epiphany
BLOOD TATTOO: Bloody Mess Legacy Tattoo by Lupus Femina
INJECTION: Medical Murder {Lethal Injection Bottle/Rare and Needle/Rare} by Dots ~ Available at the Epiphany
NECKLACE: It’s only a Neck Wound Choker {blood} by Sweet Thing
NAILS: Ascendant Pagan Nails for Legacy by Ascendant ~ Available at Salem {Prism Events} Sept 28th to Oct 31
POSE: Sunset Strip by Le Poppycock

(Milk Motion) you’re not alone (night) –@ Uber *New*
Mug – Killer Nurse – #13 First Aid Kit White ~ Available at the Epiphany
Dots – Medical Murder – #22 Medical Records White, #14 Tainted IV Bag Poison, #19 Test Tube Blood, #2 Medical Tray RARE, #3 Poisoned IV Stand RARE, #10 Hemostat Silver, #7 Bone Saw Silver, #16 Scalpel Eye Silver, ~ Available at the Epiphany
A2, B1, C1, C2, RARE, _{-MK-} Cyclops Zombie Girl by Maru Kado ~ Available at the Epiphany
Dahlia – Bellevue – Apothicaire – Medical Cabinet, Table Top Medical Cabinet, Drugs, Needles, Surgical Tools ~ Available at Salem {Prism Events} Sept 28th to Oct 31
~The Green Door~ 2- Skull
[ht+] vintage op table – fresh blood by hate this
[Since1975] Hounted House – Skeleton  ~ Available at Gimme Gacha– Gachaland 
crate They’re Creepy & They’re Kooky Spook 6 ~ Available at the Epiphany

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