When I was a little girl I had a dress that I absolutely loved. It was sort of Indian-hippie-meets-fae-Holly-Hobbie and I absolutely loved the way it flowed and felt. I wore it every chance I could and well after it should have been retired. The dress just disappeared one day and I was devastated. Looking back, my mother more than likely pitched my overly stained slice of heaven in an effort to save grace. This dress by Zaara conjured those memories of my childhood. It is spin fabulous, however much more chic than my gown of yesteryear. Glancing threw Flickr of the images of this dress brought smiles to my face; nearly every image captured that feeling I had as a child: innocence, play, comfort and laughter. Belle (of Bellessima) and I danced upon the sands of time in our newly acquired dresses from Zaara. Sands of Time is one of my all time favorite sims (plus it is totally rezz-friendly) and every turn yields yet another picturesque scene (If you have not been, I’d suggest a visit.)

Skye IM’d me the other day about a new hair store, Entwined, that had just opened and I arrived not really sure of what to expect. I was in love after trying on the first demo. I cannot believe these beautiful hairs are creations of a new designer. The designs rival the nicest hairs on the grid, IMHO. The color palette, style and overall coolness tugged my heart strings from the get-go…. Blair had me at hello! I am definitely one of Entwined’s biggest fans.


HAIR: Kahlan by Entwined
HEADDRESS: Tariqa Headdress {old gold} by Soedara
DRESS: Chandni Lehenga {kohl} by Zaara ~ Available at Mystic Realm’s Faire {Oct. 10th – 26th}
NOSERING: Ayanna Nosering {onyx} by Zaara ~ Available at Mystic Realm’s Faire {Oct. 10th – 26th}
NECKLACE: Reverie Starlight Necklace by Empyrean Forge ~ Available at Mystic Realm’s Faire {Oct. 10th – 26th}
FACE CHAIN: Annian Rune Face Chain by Sad Harlekin ~ Available at Mystic Realm’s Faire {Oct. 10th – 26th}
BRACELETS: Gold Bangle by (red)Mint
BELT: Perdita Chain Belt {gold} by Luminary {From past Fantasy Collective}
ARM BANDS: Rayne Armlet by Sweet Poison {From May We Love RP}
FINGER CYMBOLS & POSE: asianMasala – RaqsSharqi by chanimations (deviousMind)


OUTFIT: ZaaraThe Mystic Realms Faire Chandini – Black & Turqouise
SKIN: The Skinnery @ The Season’s Story Hazel – Autumn
HAIR: Damselfly @ The Mystic Realms Faire Sancia – Dark Blondes Set
HEADDRESS: Soedara  Tariqa Headdress – Old Gold
BRACELET: Aisling Sadhana Gacha Items
SANDAL: Maxi Gossamer Bali Gypsy
FINGER CYMBOLS & POSE:Chanimations Asian Marsala RaqsSharqi Set

LOCATION: Kingdom of Sand (Rezz-Friendly)