The Crossing of BluebeardJeune Mariee slides the forbidden key into the lock and door swings open. She is immediately overcome with the thick smell of death. Before her hangs the wives of her new husband who, unknown to Jeune Mariee, is slowly climbing the drive. In her haste to leave the castle room she drops the key into a pool of blood. The blood has permeated the key and will lead only to the certainty of her death…..

Here is the quick lowdown for this round of Enchantment.

20 stores are participating in this round and each will have special releases inspired by Bluebeard in their shop for sale. Each of these exclusive event items will also include a stamp card.

Wear the stamp card (or 15 if you so like, it’s fun tping around seeing others wearing a bunch of stamp cards too!) You will then proceed to ALL participating stores (20) and touch their stamp machine to receive the store’s stamp. (this is free!) Once your stamp card (s) is full, you can then proceed to the prize location and redeem one card for ANY prize of your choosing! (be sure you have removed all but one card when doing this! otherwise you will void all the other cards at the same time and we are not responsible for this error.)

All 20 stores have created a special prize just for this event, and they will never be released or sold again!

One of the perks of these stamp cards is that they are transferable! This means you are able to gift friends or even alts with a full card which they in turn can redeem for any prize!

GOWN: Jeune Mariee {gold} by The Muses ~ Exclusive for Enchantment {Available at The Muses}
HAIR: Grace {platinum}by Due ~ Exclusive for Enchantment {Available at Due}
NECKLACE: Trust Key Necklace {gold v2} by tea.s ~ Exclusive for Enchantment {Available at tea.s}
EYESHADOW: Wife {no1} by T.arnished ~ Exclusive for Enchantment {Available at T.arnished}
BLOOD: Red Vision by T.arnished ~ Exclusive for Enchantment {Available at T.arnished}
EYES: Misery Eyes {1} by la petite morte  {Available during Enchantment at la petite morte}
CROWN: Magic Crown {gold/rare} by May’s Soul ~ Available at The Secret Affair {extended closing date}
BRACELET: Fenrir by Bliensen + MaiTai ~ Available at Tales of Fantasy {Opens August 10}
BODIES: Bluebeard bodies by Death Row Designs {DRD} ~ Gift for Enchantment
SKYBOX: Skybox of Unfortuante Princess by Frogstar ~ Exclusive for Enchantment {Available at Frogstar}
SCONCE: Maghnus Collection Wall Sconce by Roawenwood
POSE: Im’ here male by Del May

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