cotton candy
I keep a folder of locations in which I happened to land that are beautifully designed and allow pose balls to be rezzed. I know as soon as this is mentioned on blogs, the comments line up with different ways you can pose with props by connecting items to yourself…. but I personally like to move my avatar exactly where I want her pretty ass to be, so I collect Rezz-friendly sims that allow me to use pose balls. Yesterday I added Bubblez to my list after walking around and looking at the pretty alcoves that have been created. There is one particularly beautiful spot with a semi transparent piano amidst the calm lapping of waves… it is pretty; the area may, or may not, be under construction at the moment.  I just so happened to be wearing this new gown by Dead Dollz that will be available on the 19th of December at the Wonka Event’s Fashion Show and thought it looked beautiful in the entrance walkway at Bubblez. Originally I thought I’d do a more Wonka-esque image with fun candies and bright crazy shapes sunk into a stream of rich chocolate, but I think this is more suiting for this sugary cotton candy inspired design. The gown will be 50% off at the fashion show and then will be available for full price at the main store. There is also a Wonka Hunt going on right now (Dec. 15 – 30) for some awesomely free exclusive wonka designs!  Speaking of free designs, if you happen to check out Bubblez to add to your folder of rezz-friendly photo spots… follow the green arrows for their POE Hunt Gift! I haven’t opened mine yet, but the photo of the dress is beautiful. (Oh and thank you Bubblez for the pose ball rezzing friendliness!!)



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