Cowgirl Up

Cowgirl Up

This image of my gorgeous friend Ash and I dressed in skimpy cowgirl attire reminds me of a funny story that happened in real life not too long ago. My niece and I were cleaning stalls up at the barn and after about half an hour it became so unbearably hot we removed our clothes. We live on a mountain in the middle of no where and my barn is about 100 feet from the back of my house. We were so busy  yacking away we did not notice the familiar clank of the pasture gate opening, nor did we notice that the horses had lost interest in their usual game of Let’s Knock Over the Wheelbarrows to Make Our Humans Scream. My neighbor shouted out my name as he approached the barn and I quickly pressed myself up against the stall door. Much to my dismay my clothing items were strewn about in the tack room. My neighbor stood on the other side of the stall door blissfully sharing neighborhood gossip … ; apparently he didn’t notice I was sans clothes…. or maybe he did *wicked grins.* It was one of the longest hours of my entire life. I kept my body pressed against the door and my arms hung over the top. I tried to get him to leave by sending subliminal messages and shouting inside my head for him to go… I pleaded with my eyes… Just go, please.  But he just kept sharing tales. My arms ached and I was fidgety… I had to pee.  He kept smiling, did he know? OMG, why wont he leave!?! My niece found her way up to the hay loft and every few minutes I could hear her stifle laughter.  I could have killed her! LOL!  I could not concentrate on the conversation and perpetually visualized his extremely jealous wife arriving and having to explain my choice of attire… or in this case… no attire… and the cat fight that would surely follow!

Moral of the story is wear as little as possible when attending to your ranch duties. Keep cool and cover up those girls with something purdy! Ash and I got our awesome tops at the Hello Titty Slots Gacha Event! Doesn’t she look amazing!?! The event ends in a few days so be sure to check it out.  Don’t get caught with your pants down and your titties hanging… unless of course, that was your intention!




  • TOP: Blah ~ My Strapless Lace Top {Pois ~ RARE} ~ NEW ~ GACHA ~ Available at Hello Titty Slots Gacha Event
  • SKIRT: Forever Young ~ Ruffled Mini ~ NEW
  • BOOTS: Riders World ~ Riders Navarro {Esperanza -Red}
  • BOOT ACCESSORY: Riders World ~ Boot Strap {Concho} ~ NEW
  • HAIR: Wasabi Pills ~ Kelly Mesh Hair ~ NEW ~
  • TATTOO: deVOL ~ Sexy Gun Star Tattoo
  • BELLY PIERCING: Phoebe ~ Sweet Heart Belly Piercing
  • NECKLACE: Natural ~ Mogu Mogu CupCake Necklace ~ NEW
  • LIP COLOR: Sugar ~ Yummy Matte Lips ~ NEW
  • HAT: Riders World ~ Riders Straw Cowboy Hat ~ FREE
  • HAT ACCESSORY: Nimue Mistwalker ~ Hat Decoration ~ NEW
  • POSE: Exposeur ~ Cowgirl Up ~ NEW



Cowgirls don’t cry
Ride, baby, ride
Lessons of life are going to show you in time
Soon enough your gonna know why
It’s gonna hurt every now and then
If you fall get back on again
Cowgirls don’t cry

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