He started with hello, by chance are you alone
I am Dr. Artemis Thyme
A sweeping bow cued a lone trombone
the pleasure is all mine

And we danced upon the rooftop of the old steam station
his rust colored eyes took me in
Intoxicating temptation
He held me close, then a spin

We waltzed upon the skylights
under the copper moon
Time stood still as we passed a century of nights
Love was our monsoon

A Clockwork Spiral is in full steam and the sim is just beautiful! We spent a few hours there last night exploring the build, chatting with creators and checking out the designers’ booths. Each year it gets better and better and the quality of the items improve ten-fold! I received Fallen Gods’ avatars a couple of weeks ago and kept waiting for the perfect ambiance. They are spectacular and I wanted to showcase them in all their glory! The image sort of grew into a darker feeling, but I think it gets my story across. Love on the rooftops… it doesn’t get better than this. So get your steam on and plan a date atop the train station… it is magical!

AVATAR: Anna Full Avatar by Fallen Gods ~ Available at A Clockwork Spiral
AVATAR: Nikola Full Avatar by Fallen Gods ~ Available at A Clockwork Spiral