Chandra’s League of the Extraordinary

League of the Extraordinary

League of the Extraordinary“Chandra’s League of the Extraordinary” by Chandra Meehan of !deviousMind

The new colors of !deviousMind’s !dM “Duchess C. Influx” which I blogged about here in “Energy Influx”, have been released and they are steamylicious! Chandra gathered her sultry muses for a photo-shoot of the the new colors and Huzzah! I was given this beautiful blue (Rusted Metal) to model! Breezy Carver of  Virtually Classic Fashion, dons a lovely lilac (Corroded Time) and Chic Aeon, blogger of Chic at Phil’s Place, wears a metallic green (Tarnished Copper) with our fearless leader, Chandra Meehan, rounding out the group in the original Gold (Gilded Amber.) Modeling the dresses was a lot fun and each of us admitted to pixel stalking our avatars during the shoot! The resulting photo is just full of magic and I am so honored to have been a part of this creative image! If you purchased the original dress at We <3 Roleplay be sure to rezz the updater for a glorious surprise of extra steamy goodness: a new mirrored version of the topHat, a second dress option without the belt rope and gears, minor texture adjustments. Once you unpack the new version, simply delete the old folder as the new folder includes the entire outfit. Click Here for update instructions.


League of the Extraordinary:

  • OUTFIT: DeviousMind ~ Duchess C. Influx w/ Lola Appliers {Gilded Amber, Rusted Metal, Tarnished Copper, Corroded Time} ~ NEW

I will add photos after the flickr protest tomorrow.

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