Palace of Tears

Palace of TearsBREAKING NEWS FROM FANTASY FAIRE: Giants have taken over
the Palace of Tears and the centaurs are in route.
Film at 11.

Irina (of Dark Chest of Wonders) and I were knighted as reporters for this years Fantasy Faire which benefits Relay for Life. I have also decided this year I will share my story on why I relay… that will be coming later and is a pretty big step for me. I invite you to read our first report, Duchess and Irina  Reporting from Fairelands, Day 1, on the faire blog … I think it is hilarious and a really fun story, as Irina is such a wonderful writer. So check it out…. then get to the Faire!


GOWN: Annette {Purple} by Luminary ~ Available at Fantasy Fair at Hope’s Horizon
BELT: Boadicea’s Belt {Multi-Textures} by The Forge ~ Available at Fantasy Fair at Asperatus
EARS: Fairy Ears w/ Wrapped Cords by Illusions ~ Available at Fantasy Fair at Sanctum
THIN BELT: Belt Beads by Tiar ~ Ultra Rare  ~ Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
HAIR: Aaliya {pale blond} ~ Rare ~ by Calico ~ Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
CAPE: Big Cape {Black Fur} ~ Ultra Rare ~ by Peqe ~ Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
STAFF: Aura Staff {Silver/Blue} by The Forge ~ Rare ~
RING: Royal Khadijah Estate by Maxi Gossamer
POSE: Created by Duchess

See Dark Chest of Wonders for Irina’s Style Card

Great Video, be sure to watch it!

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