Blow-Up Christmas with Nikita @ Who Island

Blow-Up is probably my most favorite store for skirts! I love the tiny details and the edgy designs. When the Group Notice popped up showing the new Christmas outfit I rushed to grab mine! Sexy, Edgy, Punky, and Adorable all wrapped up in one! Accessorized with Peace on Earth jewelry, I was the coolest (and only) Santa Girl at Who Island’s Endless Time Nightclub!

The outfit includes the top,  skirt, boots, socks, gloves, a cute collar, garters and a candy cane to hold or wear on your mouth. I am wearing Blow-Up’s Dirty Red Punky Skirt in the photos.

I am also wearing one of my favorite hair designer’s, Nikita Fride, new Christmas hair. The hair is awesome as usual and the details on the hat are totally me! Her trademark windblown hair coupled with her attention to detail make her one of my top hair designer picks. Her winter skin is on her Lucky Chair, so hurry and get one while they are there!


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