Between the Tides
Would you voyage a trip to mermaid’s lair
On the forgotten island of Elsyapenphaer

Would you be amongst the charmers and heirs
And leave to join the quests of gaining a mer-lover
Would the charms of gemeralds wash you away like wet sand on a sun-kissed beach
Wondrous is, as they say, beauty of their eyes,
Green as a rose leave, deep as the sea
Craved out of pearls, a true Love’s touch they seek

Or would you join the searchers of fortune and joy
Perhaps you will do so, if you have seen a water fairy cry
Noticed the droplets of tears that match the colour of Caribbean skies
When ocean meets those, they turn into dangling magical sapphires

But if you were as me
Residing beside an island’s beach
Near the cliffs of Stone, Opal and Lilies
Where sits and sings the Elder Queen

I would dwell here for the rest of my life
If I could catch the slight of her flute pipes
The melody of tunes are eccentric and melancholic
Like tale of a hero’s fight
Like music of a mermaid’s kiss
Tells story of a flight
on a Pegasus over the enchanted forest
with a Unicorn’s might

And fairy wings brushes past your skin
The sweet fragrance of sea weed fills in

So would you hear the mermaid’s melody
A tale of love, fantasy and melancholy

HAIR: Siren by Mello ~ Available at  Crossroads
HEADDRESS: The Call of the Sea by Astralia
HEAD: Dyana by CATWA – New ~
SKIN: Evelyn {Celtic} by DeeTaleZ
TATTOO: Poseidon Blue ~ Kratos Gacha by Ghost’Ink ~ Available at upcoming The Fantasy Gacha Carnival {August 7 to Sept 12}
TAIL: Atlantic Barracuda by The Sirens Lair
TOP: Mermaid Jewel Bra by Baiastice
SEAHORSES: Starry Seahorses by striped mocha ~ Available at Gacha Garden {August 1 to Aug 30}

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