BAll over his body wolves send up a mad
chorus to the moon

seeping green
across his arms and his chest

and where his new liver floats up in him
like a mushroom’s flat cap.

“I feel like I’m tripping,” he says
at a pitch lower than his wife hears,

and then “and I don’t believe in God.”
No room in that room.

So much white. So much blue.
The wolves cry the great name

into the hallway where a gurney
rolls up and down the tile

looking for someone to play catch with.
Push the wheels straight, pull the cot—

It’s my job to take the heat of belief.
On Wednesday

the nurses line up for ashes
in their white Crocs

and Reeboks. Wolfman
wants God so bad

he tattoos not-God—what seems not-God—
on his skin, wants to tell me

he’s afraid, that the room squeezes
time like flexible hose,

that he forgets his wife’s voice,
that men come in the night

to argue with him about the nature
of stars. There are puddles of stars above

the silver wolves on his chest. Not-God sets
a chair near his bed.

He says thank you and lays
a hand on the skinny arm

and with his moist stare and rough
face tries to convey

how much he trusts the moon
who centers the persistent stars

and how he forgets the soldier sun
who keeps everyone blinking and quiet.

Martha Serpas

I read this poem today and thought it was fitting for this post. The Badlands hold a special place in my heart. I lived right there in the National Park for a month with a friend of mine some 17 years ago. The land is magic and I long to return.

The Secret Affair is in full swing and the theme this round is “The End.” I took this image while playing around up at the event …. I mean working. 😛 The build is incredible, once again Divine has blown our minds. She is definitely a keeper! I love this outfit by Dead Dollz. I have actually taken a few different images in this outfit. I love the long lines and the scarf that covers the head as well as my bits. I imagine if I were running around after an apocalypse this is how I would be dressed. And, the Enigma stuff looks amazing on my wandering ghost! Together we can take on the world.

PANTS: Abandon Pants {white} by Dead Dollz ~ Available at The Secret Affair {March 15 to March 30}
SCARF: Abandon Scarf {white} by Dead Dollz ~ Available at The Secret Affair {March 15 to March 30}
CUFFS: Badlands Wrist, Arm and Ankle Cuffs by Cellar Door ~ Available at The Secret Affair {March 15 to March 30}
SKIN: Aeryn {pale} Skin Fair 2015 by PXL
MOUTH: SweetLips {v1.2} by PXL
HAIR: Sudden by Magika
POSE: Del May

Body – TMP Men’s Mesh Body
Skin – David by Tableau Vivant
PANTS/BELT/LEG GUARDS: Enigma Smuggler by DRD ~ Available at The Secret Affair {March 15 to March 30}
Fur Stole – Peqe – Twisted Stole
Scarf – Cerberus Crossing – The Wanderer Scarf ~ Available at The Secret Affair {March 15 to March 30}
POSE: Del May


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