Autumn Huntress

Autumn Huntress
It’s official… Fall has definitely arrived! Although the leaves have not started falling here in the Western Carolinas, they have certainly begun their transformation on the grid! Splashes of orange, yellow and red abound! Acerbus, the home of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival,  has exploded in shades of fiery red, brilliant yellows and giant pumpkin oranges! Sim opens on October First so grab your wings, broom, tardis or whatever your favorite mode of transportation happens to be and get there while the getting is good!
Fall at Acerbyus
I gushed over this corset from Roawenwood… yes I seriously gushed. I absolutely love meshy goodness and this beautiful top fulfills every inch of my mesh desires! I think my favorite part would be the brass clasps but Sear had me at the get-go with those straps! The corset comes in nine common colors, four rare colors and two epic ultra rare colors. I absolutely love the red one I am wearing which is the epic ultra rare, but truth be told…. those common colors are SWEEET too!

See you at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival on October 1st!!!


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