Aurora Dreams

Aurora Dreams
Sweet princess, if through this wicked witch’s trick,
a spindle should your finger prick…
a ray of hope there still may be in this, the gift I give to thee.
Not in death, but just in sleep,
the fateful prophecy you’ll keep.
And from this slumber you shall wake,
when true love’s kiss, the spell shall break.

Enchantment opened yesterday bringing to life Sleeping Beauty!! The participating designers delved deep into the different versions of this fairy tale and were inspired with enchanting creativity! The event is a bit different this year as it is not being held in an event location. This round brings us a Stamp Card – be sure to wear yours….. heck wear as many as you want! As you visit each of the 20 stores you will get stamps for your card. At the end you will head to this location and pick and grab a prize for each of your Stamp Cards. The prizes are exclusive designs by each of the designers! Oh for the love of Fairy Tales…. get going!

Dreaming Beauty is laying on this enchanting bed by [Tia] and it, along with the table, toadstool and floating candles are all at her booth at Fantasy Faire. A lot of attention was put into Tia’s little corner of the Faire so be sure to take it all in…. it is just wonderful! The bed has a color change hud with a palette of fantastical colors to match any decor, indoors or out. The floating candles will add an alluring glow to any fantasy scene… I will be using these again for sure.


LINGERIE: Oakley {Sky Lace} by Blacklace
HAIR & POSE: Akane by Argrace
SKIN & LIP COLOR: Bisquit (Heap) and Domino Lips (02) by KOOQLA
COLLAR: Thorns at my Throat by T.arnished ~ Available during Enchantment
BRACELET: Briar Rose Bracelet by BOOM ~ Available during Enchantment
ARM & FACE BANDS: Briar Arm Band & Dreaming Mask by Lark ~ Available during Enchantment
NAILS: Spring Clouds by Bella Elephante
ANKLET & CIRCLET: Nia Moon by Sax Shepherd Designs ~ Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival {Opens May 4}
BED: Enchanted Bed by [Tia] ~ Available at Fantasy Faire at Mourningvale Thicket
TABLE/TOADSTOOL: Enchanted Little Table & Toadstool by [Tia] ~ Available at Fantasy Faire at Mourningvale Thicket
CANDLES: Floating Candles by [Tia] ~ Available at Fantasy Faire at Mourningvale Thicket
SPINNING WHEEL: 100 Years of Sleep by HopScotch ~ Available during Enchantment

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