Arabesque Dance

Arabesque Dance
Last night Chandra danced under the Arabian stars on the sand section of Chic Aeon’s sim, Machinima Open Studio Project, (rezz friendly and set up specifically for artists!) in her new creation for this round of Genre. I was mesmerized. The silk dress, Arabesque, is a stunning combination of mesh and flex yielding a beautiful flowing gown that actually moves unlike dresses made totally of mesh. But the show stopper has to be the glowing ribbons of light! As Chandra danced the ribbons smoothly encircled her body creating a hypnotic light show that was…. well mesmerizing. I could have watched her for hours! We joked that the new ribbons were the best thing to hit the grid since windlight….. but I am not convinced that we were joking…. they are so freaking cool! The gown in all it’s greatness was a late entry to Genre, so if you have already visited the event swing back by and check out deviousMind’s booth. If the gown is not there yet… it will be there shortly! All good things come to those who wait…..


Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances.

~ Maya Angelou ~


OUTFIT: Arabesque dress, jewelry, bracelet, belt, veils and ribbons {sky} by deviousMind ~ Available at Genre

LOCATION: Machinima Open Studio Project (Rezz Friendly)

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