Kynne and I are taking a break on our little Let’s Fly Mounts by Fawny. Perfect little clouds for perfect little angels! We are decked out head to toe in Luas’s Ethereal outfit from the Gathering. The delicate wings fall sweetly and end in a wisp of a curl. Oh and this hair I am wearing, I do believe it is my all time favorite hair from MINA! It will be out soon at the new Gacha Guardian event. I am obsessed with this shaggy ‘do! I guess we always want what we dont have, and given that my hair is straight, I’d love hair like this in RL. MINA you are tops!

Duchess is feeling: angelic

OUTFIT: Ethereal: Bracers, Pauldron, Skirt & Top {white}, Wings and Staff {Rare} by Luas ~ Available at The Gathering {March 26 to April 10}
HAIR: Bridget by MINA ~ Available at upcoming Gacha Guardian
CLOUD: Let’s Fly Mount {rare} by Fawny ~ Available at The Fantasy Collective {Feb 22 to March 15}
HEELS: Selena Pumps by Pure Poison ~ Available at Uber {March 25 to April 14}~
POSE: belle five by oOo

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