AphroditeAlmost a year ago today I created this image and it started an all-out ass war, literally. Darth has called me out from the shadows to rise up and protect my coveted ass standing.

Today I come before you draped in the finest of aisling jewels from The Epiphany to join my fellow brethren in bareness and “let the enemy of our nation see the fierceness of our collective asses.” Darth reigns on true form and Kynne is just endlessly adorable.
Roxi also came to the battle with her derriere in tow and Sorchiee definitely has great back! . There are still some names on the list that I have yet seen appear…..and Sorch has added a few more…  get your ass in gear!

Totally loving all the fun faces that are in the Genesis gacha at Kustom9. Julia is sweet and I may wear this one for a bit. Etrange Braveheart kindly sent me this beautiful head and she has a number for sale in her store, check it out here.
Giant thanks to Etrange!

Duchess is feeling: bare

HEADDRESS: Aphrodite {Rare} by aisling ~ Available at The Epiphany {July 16 to Aug 4}
OUTFIT: Aphrodite {Belt, Bra, Bracelet, Hand (Circle,) Panty all in gold} by aisling ~ Available at The Epiphany {July 16 to Aug 4}
EYES: Cora Eyes {Avada} by Buzz ~ Available at The Epiphany {July 16 to Aug 4}
HEAD: Julia {Relax} by Genesis ~ Available at Kustom9 {July 15 to Aug 10}
HAIR: Potion {landslide} by Little Bones ~ Available at Hair Fair 2015

Death Row Designs – Roman Chariot ~ Available at The Secret Affair