I just love these adorable seals from Alchemy that were created for OMGacha! The seals are wearable and either float, follow or cuddle. My favorite has to be the sweet seal floating effortlessly from a party balloon! The snow seals are…. OMG cute!! There are three rares in the set, but honestly I don’t think you will care which one you get, they are all adorable and 100% modifiable!

I was invited for a sneak peek of the Summertime Breedables Fair which supports Relay For Life and opens tomorrow. The event will run from July 2nd through the 16th. Every breedable you could possibly imagine will be at Secondlife Breedables! The sim is adorable and some of the stores have really outdone themselves with their set ups! The event is home to the annual ONE-OF-A-KIND auction for Relay!! Shopping, Entertainment, Flying Monkey Hunt and MORE! For a complete list of participants check out the official Breedable’s Website.

SEAL: Seal Pup Balloon {rare} by Alchemy ~ Available at OMGacha {Opens July 1}

LOCATION: Breedables Fair

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