I took to the sky after departing the rainy Sad November event and headed to Little Town, a beautifully imaginative build by Cica Ghost. Donning my trusty Aviator hat by Remarkable Oblivion ( freaking remarkable, right?!,) I gripped the throttle as my winged can puttered and limped along. Much to my dismay my plane now lives at the bottom of the dark murky waters surrounding the sim…. but the good news is…. I have more stories to tell. Hopefully the search party arrives soon!

HAT/HAIR: Aviator Ace – Thunderbolt Brown {White} by Remarkable Oblivion ~ Available at Sad November {Nov 1 – Nov 22}
SCARS: Lion Tamer by Oh!Liv ~ Available at Cirque de Seraphim {Nov. 6 to 26th}
TOP: Steampunk Gown Top by Yasum ~ Available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival {Nov 4 to Nov 30}
RING: Raw Earth Rose Gold {rose quartz} by T.arnished ~ Available at We Love Roleplay {Nov. 4 – Nov. 30}
LIPSTICK: Reagan Snow White Lipstick for Loud Mouth by la petite morte
POSE: I am standing on a pose/prop at Little Town by Cica Ghost