Neva has opened her sim, Neva River, to the public for ten days to share a very personal landscape that paints a picture of what seems to portray her inner peace. The sim is beautifully constructed with natural textures that float from hills to valleys to rivers and sea. As I walked around the sim feelings of solace and peace enveloped me. It was as if I was able to walk around the world that Neva captures so beautifully in her images and was able to harness her artistic soul for a fleeting glimpse. The feelings that are conjured while viewing her 2 dimensional images have become a 3-D experience…. at least for me. Each new corner hid away another viewer, usually alone, sitting in silence…. taking it all in…becoming one with pixel nature. I totally understood her personal journey. Well done Neva. Bravo.

Neva is hosting a photography contest for images taken at Neva River – information can be found at How Neva Sees It

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