DovecoteI don’t want to turn that key
I don’t want to be that me anymore
I want to carry on staying strong
on that path towards self confidence with a heart that isn’t cold
I don’t want to step inside that story
that has already been told….
From Simply Jo

I love this dreamy house from Scarlet Creative. Gopu and I are renovating our house in our first life and this structure inspired large bay windows for our mountain abode. Our home is not this style, but the influence can definitely be seen. I am LOVING these amazing Hostas by Artisan Fantasy. They are in every sense of the word, perfect. The plants are lush and beautifully textured, a botanist fantasy for sure! L’Enfant Terrible has released this cute little dress today at Mesh Body Addicts, and I love the print…. especially the Ladybug. And here I sit, like a ladybug…. guarding the entrance to our humble abode.

DRESS: Flora Dress {violet} by Enfant Terrible ~ Available at Mesh Body Addicts {March 10 to April 1}
HAIR: The Countess {blondes} by Exile
RING: Plume Ring by ieQED ~ Available at upcoming The Secret Affair {March 15 to Marc 31}
HEAD ACCESSORY: Phebe {light pink} by LODE
POSE: The Sun 09 by Ma Vie

HOUSE: Scarlet Creative ~ Laurel Dovecote ~ Available at Collabor88 {March 8 to April 6}
HOSTAS: *AF* ~ Artisan Fantasy ~ Hosta Mounds ~ Available at The Chapter Four {March 4 to March 25}
FENCE: {vespertine} – rosemary garden gateway linked / rusted white ~ Available at Collabor88 {March 8 to April 6}

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