Baby It's Cold Outside
The letter ended with “meet me at the fountain wearing a single rose,” and as a light snow began to fall this became her mantra when she wasn’t quietly singing the vintage rendition of Baby It’s Cold Outside. Pacing in small circles she concentrated on the sound of the snow crunching beneath her feet. She wondered who penned the letter written on aged parchment in scarlet red. She panicked as the thought crossed her mind that she could be waiting at the wrong fountain. But she stood. She stood waiting, wondering and cold….Baby It’s Cold Outside

This new gown by Luas gracefully flows to the ground in rich velvety panels. It is perhaps the perfect holiday dress, especially in this shade of red. The gown will be available at Totally Top Shelf which opens tomorrow. I chose to stand in front of Neva Chapel by Scarlet Creative. Charlotte’s builds are poetic and the stories they tell are of an old soul in disarray filled with the warmth and tenderness of unity. Their stories are powerful and visually stunning.

The sims of the Ippos Collective are slowly changing to winter. Feel free to come enjoy the crisp winds and lightly falling snow.

Duchess is feeling: love

DRESS: Heather Dress {Red} by Luas ~ Available at Totally Top Shelf {Dec 2 to Dec 23}
BRACELET: Tiet Bracelet by PoshTale ~ Available at Totally Top Shelf {Dec 2 to Dec 23}
NECKLACE & EARRINGS: jellybean earring & necklace {silver} by ieQED ~ Available at Shiny Shabby {Nov 20 to Dec10}
TATTOO: DeadMan by [White~Widow} ~ Available at Shiny Shabby {Nov 20 to Dec10}
HAIR: Jolina Hair {blondes} by Runaway
HEADDRESS: Mexico Roses by LODE
ROSE: DIY Love Potion {Rose} by aisling
POSE: The Sun 05 by Ma Vie

Neva Chapel by Scarlet Creative (Snow Roof coming soon!!)
Douglas Fir by Cube Republic (magnificent trees!!!!) Coming Soon
AV Fountain Clover {Snowy} by Atelier Visconti
Rose Vintage Bucket by LODE
Starglitter Tree {sky & vanilla} by Half-Deer
Holiday Décor Wreath by Jian ~ Available at Tannenbaum {Nov 25 to Dec 25}

Baby It’s Cold Outside

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