The Room 326 Hunt by MadPea

Duchess and Gopu on the Case

This morning we were alerted that 15 people have disappeared off the face of the earth after staying in Room 326 of the Silent Peacock Hotel. With no time to spare Gopu and I headed to the hotel to see if we could make sense of this mystery and solve the case. My impeccable detective skills were desperately needed…plus it gave me the perfect opportunity to wear my new trench coat from League…..

Arrives at Silent Peacock

The streets were practically deserted …..even the prostitutes had taken cover from the pouring rain… however I had this eerie feeling that I was being watched.


The hotel manager was nowhere to be found and we spent more time that I care to admit searching for Room 326. The dark dank room was lit by the glow of the television repeating a newscast over and over… I spotted a pair of glasses and a newspaper on the desk and zeroed in…. a possible clue!

Carnival Entrance

After meeting with the friends and family members of the missing individuals we found ourselves at the amazing MadPea Carneval!

Wheel of Misfortune

As we scoured the area for our last and final clue I found myself precariously perched atop the tracks of a dilapidated roller coaster. In typical Duchess fashion I was yet again wearing inappropriate footwear… but who can resist Bax Boots!  I quickly thanked the Carneval Gods  for the tight rope walking lessons I received for Christmas from Chandra at Devious Minds and gathered up the last clue!

Tree End

Gopu and I stare in disbelief as we approach the 15 missing victims. Although their day did not end on a happy note our hunt ended with amazing prizes from the sponsors of the event! I would recommend this hunt to those that enjoy mysteries and figuring out clues. The hunt is a great event to do with a group of friends as well! Be sure to take pictures along the way and add them to the MadPea Games Flickr Group for a chance to win a daily linden prize!


  • COAT: League – Trench Coat (Tan)
  • TIGHTS: League – Ella Stockings (Red-Brown Garter)
  • BOOTS: Bax Coen Designs – Prestige Boots (Black Leather)
  • HAIR: TRUTH Hair – Lilia (Oasis)
  • NECKLACE: Yak and Yeti – No Longer Available
  • GLOVES: AVid – Soul Reaper (Leather & Lace Gloves)
  • GLASSES: HBC Sunglasses – Hunt Gift (Black)
  • UMBRELLA: MadPea @Silent Peacock Hotel
  • SKIN: League – Isla Pale Deep Smoke NEW (Brunette)
  • LIPSTICK: League – Isla Lipstick NEW (Cappuccino Dark)
  • POSES: Long Awkward Pose, Juxtapose Props & Poses, Pretzel Poses, and !dM deviousPoses (Tightrope)


  • TUX: Utopia – Black Falcon
  • SHOES: Inedit – Footwear (041 Redford)
  • HAIR: Damselfly – Ryan (Brown – Driftwood Warm)
  • SKIN: Tellaq – Style 12 (Old Version)
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