Seducing Serenity

I try to have an outfit for any situation I could possibly find myself in….sort of a never ending game I play on SL. I figure if the SIM creators went through the effort of creating a virtual playground, it is only common courtesy to add to the ambiance.  Plus, it is just way too much fun shopping for themes!

I picked this bad ass belly dancer outfit up while visiting Necronom VI and thought it was perfect for my romp on the Serenity SIM.  Serenity is a cool space western SIM with an adult twist. It is a great place to crash land and has a really nice horseback riding course.

  •  OUTFIT:  Space Colony Necronom VI– Necronom  Belly Dancer Outfit created by Lexbot Sinister
  • SHOES: BAX – Prestige Boots (Black Suede)
  • EYELASHES: –  Nikita Fride –  Long Eyelashes – Double Flowers
  • HAIR: Nikita Fride – Seduction (Vanilla)
  • SKIN: Nikita Fride – SkinStar 2 – Natural (Less Oil)
  • EYES: Eyes 2C – Inspire Natural Pale Blue Eyes (2C Large)
  • POSES: *Amaris*   Bad Girl Poses

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