Lamia … the Wait is Over!!

Lamia ... the Wait is Over!!

I have been teased, poked, tortured and kept on the edge of my seat for the last month as I witnessed the unfolding of this masterpiece by deviousMind that will be released to the public tomorrow, October First, at the opening of the  Fantasy Gacha Carnival! I couldn’t wait to slip into this slithery goddess and my excitement only mounted with each new IM. I tried my best to stay reserved, cool, calm and collect…. but failed miserably I am sure!Lamia... The Wait is Over

“Lamia” is the next creation in the ensemble of mythical creatures by deviousMind. The majestic sea snake is powerful and seductive in ways that only designer Chandra Meehan can produce. She is a vision of beauty wrapped in a fantastical world of myth and divinity. The “lapis” Lamia shown is one of the many common colors, and I think you can agree there is nothing common about this inspired design!
Lamia... The Wait is Over
The serpent eyes and tongue are in the accessory gacha machine and they are deviously serpentesque! You can wear the eyes with or without glitter. I am wearing them with glitter because…. well because sometimes you just can’t have too much sparkle! *grins*  The crown is a rare item that is also in the accessory machine and I would recommend hitting that puppy until it pops up!
There are 8 different color mermaid inspired tridents that correspond to the different color Naga tails in the batch of accessories. This trident  is “black scorpion” and happens to be a rare. The trident has black scorpion crawling over white skulls and simply drips with black diamonds!
Here she is again in all her glory! I paired Red Mints beautiful new hair in fantasy colors with the outfit. I love the way the hair drops across her face and looks as if it feels like silk! To cool down the look I tossed on a new skin by KOOQLA from the Designer’s United. The dark melting lips are perfect with the Lamia tongue.  I love the way different poses adjust the tail, usually it is upright and when you walk…. you sexily slither!

So there you have it! A brilliant creation from deviousMind that is available in a gacha machine!!! Heavens to Zeus what are you waiting for….. get your tail to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival!



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